"Next-level" teaching by passionate instructors

Join us to take your English speaking, listening, and comprehension skills up a notch. Our
carefully devised curriculum was designed, developed, and will be taught to you, by our dedicated and passionate
instructors, Andrew Rothstein and Joyce Wasserman.

Program Highlights
  • Intensive group and individual training.
  • Nuanced grammatical structures and syntax to fine tune your speech and writing ability.
  • Integration of a broad range of up-to-date topics from TV and politics, to sports and entertainment.
  • Dual focus on conversational language AND scholastic-oriented writing.
  • Exploration of differences in langauge structures to help students indentify and conquer "sticking points"
  • Perform a short end-of-program improvisational dialogue with the instructor that ties the whole program together.


When: According to your schedule
Where: Kunming City, Yunnan Province of China
Who: All ages, intermediate /Advanced English skills
Price: Custom pricing based on number of hours per week and number of students in group.
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The improvement goal we set for EVERY student to acheive by program’s end.

Is it possible to DOUBLE a student’s language performance by the time they leave our program?
We think so.

Working on books is a tired and feeble movement with no excitement, but conversations can inspire and drill us immediately.
——Essays, Michel de Montaigne (French)

Talk is
more wonderful than any other actions in life.
——Essays, Michel de Montaigne (French)

Incredible improvement in language skills are just a few clicks away. Join us for an incredible course that will likely change the way you view and experience the English language.

"We love teaching our eager students and watching their language proficiency skyrocket. We work hard to make our courses very interesting, very engaging, and most of all, VERY EFFECTIVE!"

Join us on our journey to connection through intensive English language study.